Dry Ribs for Beginners

Tip’s Dry Ribs for Beginners

The Night Before

  1. Remove the membrane from the back side of the ribs. This will help the ribs absorb flavor from the rub and smoke.

  2. Pre-treat you ribs with a THIN coating of Worcestershire sauce. The worcestershire works as a bonding agent for your dry rub

  3. Now coat both sides of the ribs with Tip’s dry rub, and don’t go easy. I usually like to use a ¼ of a bottle per rack.

  4. Now rub our dry rub into the meat, until both sides are evenly coated in Tip’s.

  5. Wrap in plastic wrap, not too tight and put them in the refrigerator overnight (if you prepping day of, then give yourself enough time for them to sit for 4 hours in the fridge)

The Day Of

  1. Take the ribs out of the refrigerator and gently remove the plastic wrap. Let your ribs sit out on the countertop for at least 1 hour.

  2. Get your smoker up to a steady 255 degrees. You’ll need to set your charcoal up on the opposite side of the smoker from your ribs. You absolutely do not want direct heat hitting your ribs while they smoke.

  3. Now add Hickory woods chips that have been soak and patted dry.

  4. Give the top of your ribs a quick shake of a little more Tip’s Dry Rub.

  5. Place your rib on the grill rack on the OPPOSITE side from your charcoal.

  6. After 1 ½ hour spray down the top of your rib with a mop sauce of apple cider vinegar (1 cup) and Tip’s Dry rub (2 tablespoons). Repeat every hour.

  7. After 4 hours in the smoker, briefly remove the ribs, apply mop, and wrap them in aluminum foil. Return them to the smoker and leave untouched for 2 more hours.

  8. Pull them out and enjoy with friends!