Tip's Famous BBQ Dry Rub

How much tip's do you need?

Availble by the bottle or case! 

Available by the case and bottle!

Developed by Tip Ware during countless fishing trips on the world famous trout waters of the waters of the White River in the Arkansas Ozarks, TIP'S is a dry sauce for those that prefer BBQ that is tangy, savory and a touch of heat and not sweet and syrupy. Our  combination of spices is designed to blend deliciously with the natural juices of meat, seafood or fowl.

2 lb. Shaker bottle  

BBQ isn't a hobby, it's a passion. The Two Pound Shaker will see you through your BBQ ribs, pork, chicken, beef and more leaving you enough rub for next weekend. 


The original 4.6 oz bottle

The classic format of Northern Arkansas's famous BBQ dry rub. This is one seasoning your spice cabinet shouldn't be without. 


case of the 2 lb shaker bottle 

You have a lot of ribs to smoke this weekend my friend. And you're going to need a lot of Tip's to get the job done. Contains twelve 2 lb. bottles. 


case of the original 4.6 oz bottle

You have a lot of rib to smoke to at the BBQ this weekend my friend. And you're going to need a lot of Tip's. Stock up and order a case of Tip's today!. Contains sixteen 4.6 oz. bottles.


Tip's Gift Set

Have a BBQ fanatic in your life? Set them up with two bottles and one 2 Pound Shaker of Tip's and they just might invite you to their next tailgate!